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»Rock Crystal« Singing Bowls - a fake from the world of esotericism

Singing bowls are very common in esoteric meditation circles. They usually consist of metal alloys which can produce a remarkably broad spectrum of tones through skillful processing.

The EPI laboratory received two unusual singing bowls for gemological testing. The importer declared that the bowls are produced from "cleaned Mountain Crystal". Similar descriptions are sometimes used for synthetic quartz or quartz glass. That's why both bowls were examined using X-ray diffraction (XRD) to determine if they contain any rock crystal or other crystallized products.

The analysis showed a curve typical for the diffuse reflection of artifical glass. Residues of crystalline quartz (rock crystal) were not found in the tested sample.

Therefore, the singing bowls have to be named as Quartz Glass. Since the Quartz Sand that was used for the bowls was completely smelted in production process, it is not allowed to include the term "rock crystal" in the product name. The naming "rock crystal singing bowl" is misleading.