Gem testing require a high level of knowledge and experience. That is why we want you to know in whom you trust.

Management: Bernhard Bruder (Master of Science, European Gemmologist EG).

Bernhard BruderBernhard Bruder has stadied geology and mineralogy in Freiburg i. Br. and gemmology at the German Gemmological Society (DGemG) in Idar-Oberstein. In his subsequent job as a gem inspector in the renowned Swiss gemological laboratory SSEF, he was able to acquire a sound professional practice. Since 1998 he has been director of the Institute for Gem Testing (EPI). He is also author and co-author of several books and publications in practical gemmology.

Aside the determination and checking of authenticity of classic gemstones, he is also dedicated to the artificial changes of minerals and rocks. In this field of gemology there is an enormous need to catch up on information and education. That is why he travels throughout Germany and neighboring countries as practising gemmologist and renowned speaker.






Laboratory & Secretary: Mrs. Karola Sieber (Gemmologist DGemG)

Karola SieberGemmologist Karola Sieber studied at the German Gemmological Society (DGemG) in Idar-Oberstein. In addition to her work in the laboratory, she is dedicated to macro photography and ensures the great pictures on our certificates and valuation reports.

As this talent wasn't a secret for long, she is also involved in the illustration of numerous books - from mineralogical books to various lexica.

You can get an impression of her work as a photographer on her website