The result of an examination is usually communicated by phone or email. Of course, we can also provide a written expertise. Please choose one of the following forms of documentation:

Certificate of authenticity

A certificate documents the results of our investgation on a single stone, including a photo, its identity, size, weight, color and condition of treatment. Certificates for batches that were only examined on a random basis are not issued. A certificate does not include an estimation of the value of a stone.


Examination Report

An Examination Report displays a photo of the examined stone, information about its external characteristics (dimensions, weight, color), as well as all data relevant for the result of our examination. The analysis methods used and their results are documented in detail.


Evaluation Report

An evaluation report documents the actual replacement value of the examined gem at the time the document is created. It serves as basic documentation for insurances, inheritances, sales, offers or to verify an earlier evaluation.