expertise without documentation:

  • Category A (raw and cut stones):

    EUR 40.- (net price)*

  • Category B (rock identification - raw or cut stones with more than one mineral components):

    EUR 80.- (net price)*

* Prices apply to one or more specimen of the same type of stone

  • Category C (diamond graduation minimum 0.1 ct):

    EUR 100.- (net price) per carat

  • Hourly rate (starting at 10 stones or more):

    EUR 90.- (net price) - calculated in steps of 15 minutes

* For complex analysis methods (IR spectroscopy or EDX analysis) plus EUR 100.00 (net) per stone. Raman analysis plus EUR 20.00 (net) per stone. The test result will be communicated by phone or email. On request, we can also provide a written documentation.


Written reports (Certificate, Examination Report or Evaluation Report):

  • Prices as for the expertise in the respective category and additionaly for a:

    certificate of authenticity

    (Category A, B or C) + EUR 90.- (net price)

    Examination Report

    (Kategorie A, B or C) + EUR 120.- (net price)

    Evaluation Report

    (Category A, B or C) + EUR 150.- (net price)

Terms of delivery and payment:

  • The net prices are plus 19% VAT
  • Shipping and packaging costs will be charged extra
  • For insurance reasons, please send your goods in a registered letter or as a package.