The german Institute for Gem Testing is an independent laboratory for testing of the authenticity and quality control of gemstones and minerals.

FacetEPI-Labored and otherwise cut and polished stones are analyzed using exclusively non-destructive, gemmological methods. In addition to these standard gemmological examinations, we also use the most modern, non-destructive spectroscopic methods if required. With UV-VIS spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence analysis (RFA) and laser spectroscopy (Raman) we are able to identify synthetic stones and imitations, as well as all kinds of enhancements on real stones such as staining, fissure fillings or plastic impregnation. Rocks (mineral mix) can also be examined non-destructively.

In addition, for an exact determination of all minerals of a rock (e.g. for the correct mineralogical naming), it is possible to make a mineralogical thin section or to carry out an EDX analysis.